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“Rocko’s Big Launch has been a great teaching resource and entertaining for my son for the past 2 years; he’s about to turn 4. He enjoys everything about the story - from the colors, to the character’s adventures, to the beautiful message of never giving up your dreams. It never gets old for him.”

-Karina Vasquez


“My daughter got this book at age 4, she was attracted to the fun character, super illustrations and loved when anyone would read it to her. Fast forward 3 years and Rocko Rocket is still a part of our library, my older children still enjoy reading it to my daughter, and I love being her student when she is reading it to me while playing school! I asked my daughter what she liked most about Rocko and she said he is cute, probably nice, never ever gives up and in his dreams he goes on adventures. In my opinion, this book is a new classic!”

-Melissa B.


“This book is amazing from cover to cover in how it encourages young minds to reach for the stars. My son is 10 and still has me read him this book some nights. Your child will love it just as much as mine (I love it too).”

-Dottie S.


“My daughter loves Rocko Rocket! She loves the story and beautiful illustrations. It has gotten her interested in everything that has to do with space!

I highly recommend this book to everyone!” -William Lapica


“I highly recommend this book! I read this to my fifth graders, and they loved it! The art is so detailed and the theme is relatable to all ages! Great book for children of all ages!”        

-Jessica Valdes


“I loved this book! I read it to my students and they asked me to read it again and again! Great lesson to be learned from Rocko!”

-Ana C.


“I have been teaching second grade for thirty-two years. Every year I teach a unit on the solar system. A few years back I came across Rocko’s Big Launch. As I read the book, I knew immediately that the book would tie in perfectly with my lesson. I personally fell in love with the story. It was inspiring, and the illustrations were out of this world! As I read the story to my students, their reactions really touch me. They were all so motivated to be astronauts and engineers. 

What really surprised me most as a teacher was how quickly my students were able to capture the true meaning behind this story. Some of their answers were, “Never give up”, Don’t give up on your dreams”, “Always try your best, and you will do it!”, and “Try and try until you get it.” 

  I often tell my students to remember they are going to make mistakes just like Rocko did, but they need to keep trying and do their best, and not let anything stand in the way of achieving their goals. 

Every child needs this message, and every teacher should have Rocko’s Big Launch in their classroom library. 

-Grisel Llerena 

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