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Book 1

Rocko’s Big Launch is an award-winning book featuring Rocko Rocket, a boy who has a passion for rockets and outer space and dreams of becoming a rocket scientist. In the story, Rocko works to successfully launch and land his first model rocket. 


​"A delightful read."

-Neil deGrasse Tyson​

“I absolutely love your book!!! The story message and the illustrations are phenomenal.  I know the students truly enjoyed the read aloud.”  

-Maribel Isaza, Keys Gate Charter


“I highly recommend this book! I read this to my fifth graders, and they loved it! The art is so detailed, and the theme is relatable to all ages! Great book for children of all ages!”          

- Kindle Customer

Rocko Rocket Reading

Orlando, Florida

Students will have book read to them by the author and will have the opportunity to ask the author and illustrator questions about the process of creating the story. After the question and answer period, students will be able to complete a basic art activity.


Rocko Rocket Reading & Water Bottle Rocket Activity


In addition to getting a live reading and Q and A with the creators, each student will receive a prepared rocket made from a recycled water bottle. Then, each student will receive art supplies to decorate their own rocket that they can take home at the end of the workshop.

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